Agents, Networks, Institutions and Empires

June 2 – June 5, 2015

The Oranjerie
Hortus Botanicus
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


June 2, 2015


Opening Reception Desk


Reception with Coffee


Chair: Damian Pargas
Keynote Address: Prof John Thornton
‘How Useful is the Idea of Slaving Zones?: Thoughts from the Experience of Dahomey and Angola’


Panel 1: Negotiating Agency in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
Chair: Jan-Bart Gewald

16.15: Ty Reese, “Caboceers and Governors: Interactions, Dependency and Conflicts between Elite Agents at Cape Coast and its Castle, 1750-1807”
16.35: Maria Pereira Bastião, “In the Colonial Island of Mozambique: Transmigration and Integration between Africa, the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans (second half of the 18th century)”
16.55: Martha Chaiklin, “Tusks, Textiles and Tobacco: The Ivory Triangle of the Indian Ocean”

General Discussion


June 3, 2015


Chair: Linda Rupert
Keynote Address: Prof Tamar Herzog
‘Frontiers of Possession: States and Actors in Portuguese and Spanish Expansion’


Panel 2: Colonialism and Imperialism and Historical Categories
Chair: Linda Rupert

10.00: Amelia Polonia, “Under the Premises of ‘Green Imperialism:’ Discussing Environmental Impacts of the Colonial Dynamics in the First Global Age (1400-1800)”
10.20: Mark Thompson, “Ship and Iterate: Colonialism as a Recursive Process”
10.40: Anne-Isabelle Richard, “Beyond Colony and Nation State: The Eurafrican Idea in the Early Years of Union Française et Parlement, 1949-1955”
11.00-11.20: General Discussion
11.20: Coffee Break

Panel 3: Agents and Empires
Chair: Alicia Schrikker

11.40: Mahmood Kooria, “Texts as Agent of Empires: ‘Translation’ of Islamic Law in/for Colonies”
12.00: Farid Azfar, “A Well-Contrived Shipwreck: The Condemnation of the Royal George and the Missing Links of the South Sea Company”
12.20: Daniel Lange, “Of Pirates and Empire-Builders: The Epistemic Impact of English Piracy in the Late Seventeenth Century”
12.40-13.00: General Discussion
13.00: Lunch Break
14.20: Panel 4: The Economics of Empire
Chair: Carla Pestana

Susana Munch Miranda, “Paying for Empire: Private Interests and the Royal Treasury in Portuguese Asia (Seventeenth Century)”


Pablo Gomez, “Flesh and Taxes: Quantifying Bodies in the Early Modern Atlantic”

 15.00: Goran Ryden, “A common Oeconomical Rationale?. A comparative study of Sweden Iron making and Caribbean Sugar Production”
 15.20-15.40: General Discussion
15.40: Coffee Break

Panel 5: Institutional Disciplining of Empire
Chair: Manon van der Heijden

16.00: Matthias van Rossum, “Incarcerating Discipline? Work, Desertion and Convict Systems Under the VOC, 1650-1800”
16.20: Sanne Ravensbergen, “Legal Court Rooms in 19th century Java: Mediating Imperial Justice”
16.40-17.20: General Discussion
18.30: Conference Reception


June 4, 2015


Chair: Matthew A. Cook
Keynote Address: Prof Michael Pearson
‘Curb your Enthusiasm. Networks, Globalization and Cosmopolitanism’


Panel 6: Companies and the Construction of Empires
Chair: Matthew A. Cook

10.00: William Pettigrew, “The Seventeenth Century English Trading Corporation as Agent, Network, and Institution”
10.20: Edmond Smith, “Decision making in an early modern institution: using networks to explore East India Company policy, 1610-1620”
10.40: Karwan Fatah-Black, “The Dismantling of the Chartered Companies in the Dutch Atlantic”
11.00-11.20: General Discussion
11.20: Coffee Break

Panel 7: Alternative Empire Builders
Chair: Jos Gommans

11.40: Lisa Hellman, “How Sweden Bowed to China”
12.00: Tristan Stein, “A Merchant Society between King and Sultan”
12.20: Frederik Vermote, “Competing Empires and Missionaries”
12.40-13.00: General Discussion
13.00: Lunch
14.30: Panel 8: Plans and Discourses of Empire
Chair: Karwan Fatah-Black

Erik Odegard, “The Crisis of the Dutch Atlantic, 1645-1655”


Laura Mitchell, “An Empire of Letters? The Circulation of South African Specimens & Global Knowledge Creation in the Eighteenth Century”

15.10: Deepshikha Boro, “Spinning the web: Guy Tachard between Diplomacy, Mission and Republic of Letters”
15.30-15.50: General Discussion
15.50: Coffee Break

Panel 9: Discussing Spaces of Empire
Chair: Hilde de Weerdt


Paulo Pinto, “Overseas Chinese, European Empires and Ming China: crossed paths in South China Sea (16th- 18thcenturies)”

16.30: Joris van den Tol, “Cis-Atlantic lobbying: influencing decision-making in the Dutch Republic from Brazil, 1645-1654”
16.50: Helen Dewar, “New France as Maritime Space”
17.10-17.30: General Discussion
19.00: Conference Dinner


June 5, 2015


Panel 10: Entangled Worlds of Empire
Kate Ekama

Bram Hoonhout, “A Multicultural Border Zone in the Middle of Nowhere: Cooperation and Competition Between Spanish, Dutch, Amerindians and African agents in Guyana, 1750-1800”
9.20: Elbra David, “Atlantic Cotton Merchants, Legal-Pluralism, and the Creation of the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1790-1820”
9.40-10.20: General Discussion
10.20: Coffee Break

Panel 11: Colonial Projects
Chair: Catia Antunes

10.50: Karoline Cook, “‘A Noble, Royal, and Ancient Origin’: Recreating ‘Reconquista’ in Family Histories in Seventeenth-Century New Spain”
11.10: Omri Bassewitch Frenkel, “Ginger, Pepper and Prestige: Spice Transplantation, the Philippine Project and Spanish Ideals of Chivalry”
11.30: Archisman Chaudhuri, “A Dutch ‘Khan’ among the Mughals”
11.50-12.10 General Discussion
12.10: Lunch
13.00: End of Conference